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Caleb Hall

Amazing prices, Amazing service, Amazing artists. Go here for all of that stuff. Its incredible how convenient this place is. Plus this is a very large store that can probably match anything you had in mind for art, native and other jewelry, pictures, paintings etc

(source Google reviews)

Paula K.

Great space and layout! Displaying hundreds of different works from local artists with different art mediums. We got a chance to pick up some nice mineral specimens.

(source Google reviews)

Kaihiley Reiner

A fabulous place to explore local artists various works. There are areas to wander around and most prices are reasonable. You could easily spend an hour or two in here and there are some beautiful and interesting things to see. You'll find jewelry, photos, paintings, sculptures, some clothing, music CD's, pottery, metal work, unique scarves and so much more. It's enjoyable!

(source Google reviews)

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